Time to talk about mental illness – Vernon Morning Star

My friend found it so difficult and wondered what he could have done to help him, the same for his parents, constantly second-guessing decisions they made for the past few years. Maybe he shouldn’t have moved to Montreal; the acting was too intense, too emotional, perhaps he was lonely. Was he on drugs? Why didn’t he call? The family was never the same.

Rumour had it his girlfriend left him, and that triggered it, but that didn’t make sense. Turns out of course depression had been with him for years, and the funny front we saw hid the pain and depression he lived with.

Sept. 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day, and today and tomorrow and next year we will help save lives if we make mental illness a table topic for discussion. Let’s not hide it anymore, let’s talk about it. Let’s encourage others to talk. (Read more …)

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