Press Release – Light Up Purple 2016


Amanda Todd Legacy Society invites you to Light Up Purple for World Mental Health Day

Vancouver, BC – September 20, 2016 – The Amanda Todd Legacy Society, with support from the World Federation of Mental Health, invites you to participate in the fourth annual Light Up Purple campaign on World Mental Health Day (Monday October 10, 2016) to recognize the importance of mental health and wellness.

Every 40 seconds someone in the world takes their own life, a global tally of more than 800,000 suicides a year, according to a landmark World Health Organization report on the issue.  Mental illness does not discriminate and affects people of all ages, educational and income levels, and cultures. 20% of Canadians will personally experience mental illness in their lifetime.

Across Canada, the US, and around the world, buildings, landmarks, and bridges will illuminate purple on October 10 to show their solidarity in de-stigmatizing issues around mental illness by promoting discussions surrounding mental health, digital safety, cyberbullying and exploitation. Businesses, organizations, schools and sports teams have also come together to join and support Amanda’s legacy and #lightuppurple for world mental health day. Together we can show the entire world by lighting up purple that we say NO to bullying and the stigma of mental illness.

A complete list of participants is available on the event website here.

In addition to landmarks, buildings, fountains and bridges lighting up purple to show support, there will be people of all ages in schools, businesses and organizations wearing purple and making their voices heard on social media.

“The awareness related to bullying and mental health is a worldwide campaign that is never-ending but also needs more people and organizations to help with advocating and facilitating discussions. There are many people, both young and old, who are suffering the effects of depression and other symptoms of mental health.  It’s time we were more open in our conversations and we need to decrease the potential for tragic stories”, says Carol Todd, Founder of the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

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