60% of Canadians ‘muted’ online by cyberbullying, trolls | Metro News

Screenshot 2016-10-22 15.02.37.pngA disturbing one-third of Canadians who use social media have been harassed or bullied online, according to a new poll — and for a quarter of them, the effects are being downloaded into their ‘real lives.’
With just 11 per cent of the country not yet on Facebook, Twitter or other networks, an increasing number of people are finding themselves essentially silenced by the trolls, the Angus Reid Institute study found.
“It certainly mutes voices that might otherwise be heard,” explained the non-profit polling organization’s executive director, Shachi Kurl, in a phone interview. “Six-in-10 people on social media say they’re not going to share things, deleting a tweet, removing a picture, or deciding to not post something because they want to avoid unwelcome responses.

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