+’s in Amsterdam

Despite the reasons that I have travelled to Amsterdam, I always have to look for the positives from every experience.  In the days I have been here so far, there are many.  The support and love that I have felt over the past few days have been enough to ‘fill the bucket’ of hope.

I have met many people who continue to share their amazement at Amanda’s story.  These stories will continue to not only have impact on my life but also to theirs.  The first stories of course happened when we were at the Vancouver airport boarding the flight here to Amsterdam.  Air Canada employees who recognized me and gave me their words of hope.

The hotel here in Amsterdam have been a positive lifeline of support.  The management and staff here at the Hotel Correndon Vitality Spa have been so accommodating to the requests that I have needed.  The meeting rooms for media.  The service in their restaurant.  The taking up of their lobby space when photography needed to be done for a magazine article.  The welcoming service when we first arrived.  On a cold and snowy evening a few nights ago, we needed a taxi. The hotel employee came out in the cold with no jacket and found  us a taxi.  He then introduced himself as a father himself and that he was following this story closely.  He also shared a personal thank you and wished me strength and hope.  These are messages that are not always easy for others to say out loud.

Also when I arrived here in Amsterdam, I received a message on my personal Facebook from a person who was originally from Canada but who had moved here many years ago to be with her future husband.  Meeting people you don’t know can be a risky thing but I have learned that sometimes you have to take chances in life.  This was just another one.

She wanted to take Rob and I to see something  unique in Amsterdam to add to the collection of positives.  It was to the Windmill park where there were many windmills and homes that had been moved to one location.  Some of the windmills had been built in the 1700’s.  In the few hours that we were together, I have added another person who I consider a friend.  She had also grown up in the Tri-Cities.

After climbing to the top of a windmill and also being really cold, we decided on dinner together with her husband joining us.  Sharing time and stories was so cool.  It was my new friends birthday today so I wish her the best birthday ever.  She woke up to snowflakes and  it made her feel like today was an even more special day.


Part 2 tomorrow…. meeting another set of new friends and Amanda’s Legacy at the Grammy’s.