Ruined: When children themselves feel the full brunt of child pornography laws | National Post

By accident as much as design, Canada’s child pornography laws are blunt and broad. Applied to the letter, they criminalize common youthful sexual activity, and are dangerously ill-suited to the digital age, according to parents, lawyers, academics, even judges.
“We’re kind of in this bubble where people know there’s a problem,” says Andrea Slane, who researches sexting as associate professor of legal studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. But solutions are elusive.

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Cyberbullying in Canada: National Post

CALGARY — In October, a star in the constellation Auriga was named Amanda’s Snowflake Star of Hope, a celestial legacy for B.C. teen Amanda Todd, who has become one of the tragic faces of cyberbullying in Canada.

With the help of public donations, Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd, had the star at the edge of the Milky Way named for her daughter’s birthday last month. It would have been Amanda’s 20th.

In what became a global story, Amanda took her own life in October, 2012, desperate to escape a torrent of online bullying she endured after being maliciously targeted through video chat when she was in Grade 7.

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Douglas College play tackles social issues

A story of bullying and the life-shattering consequences that result is onstage at Douglas College this month.

The play is based on the true story of a 15-year-old named James and the socioeconomic factors that lead him to commit a crime.

Blackout unfolds in the form of memories, as James wakes up in a prison cell and struggles to recall how he got there. The story – which was told to Anderson by the young boy who inspired by play – shines a spotlight on such social issues as alcoholism, poverty, crime, racism, sexism and bullying.


“We can all call to mind some local stories of bullying that have led to great tragedy, including Amanda Todd, who took her own life after being bullied,” she said. “We are joined by the Amanda Todd Legacy Society in our dedication of this play to Amanda, and others like her, who have suffered or are suffering under the pain of bullying. We hope our production will bring awareness and an opportunity for discussion on this important issue.”

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Wonder Woman – Elise Estrada and Adam Hurstfield | Canadian Music Blog


Vancouver music producer Adam Hurstfield was joyfully celebrating his son’s sixth birthday when some unsettling news came to his attention. The stark, cold reality of a dark underside of Canadian society was uncovered when the harassment and bullying of a 15-year-old girl led to her committing suicide. Her name was Amanda Todd. This news stirred the very depths of his soul and, unable to sleep that night, he knew he had to do something. He contacted those in his musical family including JUNO-nominated singer Elise Estrada. They worked together to write a song for Amanda, a song called “Wonder Woman”.

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Students get lesson on online safety, ‘sexting’ – Seguin Gazette: News

“As a father, seeing that video about Amanda Todd breaks my heart,” he said. “The reason that I use Amanda Todd is because she was their age. They are just like her. The things that she liked, they liked. The things they want to do, she did. It is important for them to understand that this could happen to one of their peers and it is easier for them to understand that it could possibly happen to them.”

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Press Release – Light Up Purple 2016


Amanda Todd Legacy Society invites you to Light Up Purple for World Mental Health Day

Vancouver, BC – September 20, 2016 – The Amanda Todd Legacy Society, with support from the World Federation of Mental Health, invites you to participate in the fourth annual Light Up Purple campaign on World Mental Health Day (Monday October 10, 2016) to recognize the importance of mental health and wellness.

Every 40 seconds someone in the world takes their own life, a global tally of more than 800,000 suicides a year, according to a landmark World Health Organization report on the issue.  Mental illness does not discriminate and affects people of all ages, educational and income levels, and cultures. 20% of Canadians will personally experience mental illness in their lifetime.

Across Canada, the US, and around the world, buildings, landmarks, and bridges will illuminate purple on October 10 to show their solidarity in de-stigmatizing issues around mental illness by promoting discussions surrounding mental health, digital safety, cyberbullying and exploitation. Businesses, organizations, schools and sports teams have also come together to join and support Amanda’s legacy and #lightuppurple for world mental health day. Together we can show the entire world by lighting up purple that we say NO to bullying and the stigma of mental illness.

A complete list of participants is available on the event website here.

In addition to landmarks, buildings, fountains and bridges lighting up purple to show support, there will be people of all ages in schools, businesses and organizations wearing purple and making their voices heard on social media.

“The awareness related to bullying and mental health is a worldwide campaign that is never-ending but also needs more people and organizations to help with advocating and facilitating discussions. There are many people, both young and old, who are suffering the effects of depression and other symptoms of mental health.  It’s time we were more open in our conversations and we need to decrease the potential for tragic stories”, says Carol Todd, Founder of the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

Stay connected with The Amanda Todd Legacy Society and Light Up Purple:

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Stenberg Speaks Out – Healthcare & Nursing College


Did you know that 16% of teens have seriously considered suicide?

In addition to the public service ads that Stenberg is running in local newspapers for the month of October, we are supporting the Amanda Todd Legacy Society ( and promoting the Light Up the World in Purple Awareness campaign (

To view or download our ad – CLICK HERE

Light Up the World in Purple Event

Carol Todd, mother of Amanda Todd, will be speaking at Stenberg’s Surrey campus and sharing her story and insight into cyber bullying, depression and the creation of the Amanda Todd Legacy society and light Up the World Purple campaign.

For the month of October, we are encouraging the Stenberg community to wear their “Light up the World Purple” bracelet in support of the Amanda Todd Legacy society and show you care about this worldwide initiative. Wear something purple, open the discussion about what mental health is and talk about wellness strategies.
Share on social media and be sure to include the hashtag #StenbergSpeaksOut. Help us bring attention and a voice to this important issue.

Speak Up. Reach Out.

Amanda Todd Legacy Society    LightUpPurple


Amanda Todd Legacy / 1-800-SUICIDE / 1-800-784-2433 / 1-800-668-6868

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TELUS Wise | Light Up Purple – Blog post by Carol Todd

Screenshot 2016-10-05 08.59.43.png

“As part of our commitment to keep families safe through TELUS WISE , we’ve partnered with Carol Todd and the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.  We believe in Carol Todd’s initiative and want to support her by sharing her story.”  Shelly Smith, Director TELUS WISE.

As Amanda’s mom, thinking about how she struggled with the ongoing cyberbullying and her personal mental health challenges brings to light about why it is so important, to not only share her story, but to talk about the reasons why it is so important to increase awareness about mental health.

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